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When you wake up dead but you still have a killer hangover you know today is not going to go well.  Ed Trew finds himself in The Afterlife. But not the one his Sunday School teacher told him about. This one has a talking fox as a companion and guide who shows our hapless hero around his new world. A world where Ed is now a tortoise and unless he dies every few days to be reincarnated as a new creature he will lose himself entirely.

Imagine Alice in Wonderland mixed with Carlos Castaneda and a little Aldous Huxley and although not there, you’re getting close. Perhaps a little Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett just to lighten things a little? Now you have it! A novel which you read once for fun and then again to find the answers and see beyond the gentle lunacy that captivated you first time round.

Here is an extract into this new world ~

A Survivor's Guide To Eternity




PUBLISHED - January 2014 - A Survivor's Guide To Eternity through Mirador Publishing. Both Kindle and Paperback are available from Amazon.

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