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Death, you think it should be the end of your hassels but it isn't, for Ed Trew it's just the beginning...

This novel is a great combination of both comedy and philosphy. It's fast paced, challenging and inventive. I really enjoyed the energy of the writing and the characters, each one giving the book a new breath of life. Every change for Ed is both well described and amusing.


I really enjoyed this book but I don't want to give away too much, it's great fun and entertaining. Although it deals with some complex issues it isn't laying on the philosphy with a trowel, merely allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions through the exciting story and comedy situations. Using animals as a cypher is great! It'll engage you from the beginning and not let you go.


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PUBLISHED - January 2014 - A Survivor's Guide To Eternity through Mirador Publishing. Both Kindle and Paperback are available from Amazon.

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