The Story ~

One man’s journey redefines birth, death, the afterlife, reincarnation and immortality. When Ed Trew wakes up with a killer hangover, little does he realise that it is the beginning of a mind-boggling journey of revelations and surprises that completely reshapes his view of the world.

With a cast of enthralling characters, unlikely settings and challenging situations, this novel confronts the reader with a creative and tantalising array of philosophical and theological ideas set to a frantic timeline. Harsh realities and despair go head to head with hope, belief and determination. Prepare to laugh, prepare to think, but above all prepare to meet a bold new talent.

This is a journey like no other!




PUBLISHED - January 2014 - A Survivor's Guide To Eternity through Mirador Publishing. Both Kindle and Paperback are available from Amazon.

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